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For professional wholesalers and retailers.

Display Your Stock Online

Do you have large volumes of second-hand clothing to sell ?

With our Automated Clothing Digitizer, make them accessible online !

Automated Clothing Digitizer

Machine as a service

No need to invest. We provide a Clothing Digitizer for your use.

Scan your stock

One machine is capable of listing 100,000 items for sale per month.

Automatic tagging

Photos, Categorization, Qualitative Description, and Pricing for Each Item.

Ask for a demo today !

Our team is there to answer all your questions.

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About us

Passionate about sustainability, we aim to place second-hand fashion at the forefront of the industry. We offer a high-quality automatic clothing listing service to maximize the use of each item. By enhancing the quality of professional second-hand sales services, we aim to contribute to changing mindsets towards more conscious purchasing.

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